Swiss Visio Prélaz

Exterior view of the Swiss Visio Prélaz center

Avenue de Morges 139
1004 Lausanne

+41 58 274 22 60


Opening hours

Monday to Friday from 7 am to 8 pm

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The Cabinet is located on the ground floor, at the entrance of the building.

 Bus 17 and 19 stop Prélaz or bus 18 stop Couchirard

 The car park of the Coop Prélaz is 100 meters away, there are also blue zones in the surroundings of the office.

Why should you consult?

Are you over 40 years old? or a child complaining about not seeing well? or any of the following symptoms? 

  • Redness, pain, tingling, watery eyes.
  • Decreased vision, halo effects
  • Sensitivity, glare
  • Double, blurred, deformed or spotted vision
  • Migraines

The view is important. Make an appointment with one of our ophthalmologists.

Our Specialties

Was unser Zentrum bietet

Ophthalmologische Konsultationen mit Screening, Augentests und Follow-up mit einem Augenarzt aus einem unserer Schweizer Visio-Zentren. Falls erforderlich für Erwachsene und Kinder:

  • Augenlider, Augenhöhle, Tränenkanäle
  • Probleme beim Sehen
  • Grauer Star
  • Grüner Star (Glaukom)
  • Entzündliche Erkrankungen
  • Medizinische und chirurgische Netzhauteingriffe
  • Hornhaut 
  • Schielen
  • Neuro-Ophthalmologie

In unseren weiteren Zentren verfügbar


Refraktive Chirurgie (Laserbehandlung)

Ophthalmological emergencies​

Become an affiliated doctor

As an accredited physician, you enjoy many advantages: start-up package with financial support, marketing support, state-of-the-art medical infrastructure, training opportunities, and numerous fringe benefits.

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Swiss Visio Lausanne Prélaz
Avenue de Morges 139
1004 Lausanne


Due to the current Coronavirus situation, please contact us on +41 58 274 23 00 for more information.